Welcome to Agility Aid!

The original Show Processing Service for dog agility shows in the UK, now with online entries and with electronic scoring/results coming for the 2018 season.

If you would like to discuss how Agility Aid can help your show, please get in touch here.

Grade Changes

Please complete the online form to submit your grade changes, you will need to submit a separate form for each show needing grade changes.
All wins up to and including 25 days before the start of the competition shall be counted.
Grade change requests must be received no later than 14 days before the show, but please send as soon as possible.

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Ring Cards/Show Information

You can view and download ring cards and other show information for each show in the shows page.
If you enter a show by post and choose to download your ring cards please ensure you print them before the show as they will not be posted to you.

Live Shows

Beachside Agility Club (March) T&A Agility (March Ind) Wye Valley DTC T&A Agility (Apr Ind) JDA Dog Training Club (KC Open Show) Broads Agility (April Show) T&A Agility (May KC Open) B.A.T.S. Valley Farm Agility Club

Coming Soon

Beachside Agility Club Spring at Ramsey (BSDA) (online entries via ASO) Beachside Agility Club (May) Vyne Agility Club (online entries via ASO) Tunbridge Wells DCS (online entries via ASO) Paws in the Park (online entries via ASO) Packington ADS (online entries via ASO) Wye Valley DTC (online entries via ASO) Wellingborough DTC Beachside DAC

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